The Project FICEP

FICEP: The Italian eIDAS-Node

AgID, in a partnership with Infocert S.p.A.,Turin Polytechnic Institute, Telecom Italia S.p.A., was awarded with the call to create the Italian eIDAS-Node in the CEF-Telecom eID 2014 call for tenders.

The FICEP (First Italian Crossborder eIDAS Proxy) project is the country's first interoperability platform for European digital identity systems, i.e., an Italian cross-border server: its implementation enables the circularity of Italian digital identities between all EU member states under Regulation (EU) No 910-2014 on digital identity.

Il progetto FICEP ha realizzato un nodo eIDAS nazionale rendendo possibile per cittadini europei, in possesso di identità digitali nazionali riconosciute in ambito eIDAS, l’accesso ai servizi delle Pubbliche amministrazioni italiane che prevedono il Login eIDAS.

At the same time, Italian citizens may access the online services of other EU countries (e.g., university services, banking services, services offered by public administrations and other online services) using the credentials obtained in the Public Digital Identity System known as SPID.

The Italian eidas node has successfully passed the validation tests carried out by the Commission's Directorate-General for Information Technology (DIGIT) for correct implementation and interoperability. The Italian eidas node test was completed on May 12, 2017. After Spain, Austria and Croatia, Italy was the fourth country in Europe to have an operational eIDAS node.

The FICEP project was implemented with a new technological development for the Italian public administration: the FICEP project's infrastructure was entirely built within a Virtual Data Center on CloudPA, the community cloud that uses the Lot 1 services of the SPC CLOUD master agreement, based on the OpenStack platform.

According to current regulations, AGID acts as operator of the Italian eIDAS node and makes use of the partners of the FICEP Project for updating and testing the various components that make up the Italian eIDAS node.
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