FAQ – v.1

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a public administration that has not yet joined SPID, can we still join the Italian eIDAS-Node?

To join the Italian eIDAS-Node, you must first join the SPID digital identity system. For information and documents visit www.spid.gov.it/.

We are a PA that has joined SPID, but our services are not yet available to foreign citizens. Must the eIDAS login be available on our website?

While there is no specific obligation to do so, we recommend checking which services can be offered to foreign citizens (e.g. tax or fine payment services) without receiving an Italian tax code, which, even if it is available, cannot be transmitted by the identity manager of the member state.

We are a PA that has joined SPID, but only a few of our services are effectively available to foreign citizens. What do we do this in case?

To ensure a satisfactory user experience, we recommend creating a welcome page for users with foreign eIDs, as indicated in eIDAS notice 1-2018, which lists the services that are accessible and those that are not and explains the reasons. With the support of the participating public administrations, AgID aims to spread their best practices.

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