Italian eIDAS node is upgrading to the latest version. Some failures can occour, we apologize for it

The eIDAS login

The eIDAS regulation is the legislative basis for electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities, improving the security and efficiency of online services and e-business transactions in the European Union.
With the Login with eIDAS button, the Italian node enables the cross-border interoperability of digital identities (eID) and its implementation will enable the circularity of Italian eIDs among EU member states.


The eIDAS-Node allows people and businesses to use their national eIDs to access public services in other EU countries with an unique code


The high security levels of eID systems with eIDAS login reduce the risk of identity theft and the inappropriate use of personal information your privacy is guaranteed


The eIDAS login gives cross-border transactions legal validity and the same legal status as traditional paper-based processes; wherever you are and from any device.

How to recognize the eIDAS login

The public administrations that offer access to their online services via the single eID display the Login with eIDAS button, along with the European flag logo and the statement, in English, that their services may be accessed using a digital identity from another European country.

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